3 Ways Companies Can Increase Conversions Of Prospects

Whether offering services or products, these 3 tips can easily increase your success online. Time and time again I see the same mistakes. Big and small companies both could massively increase their revenue if they followed these simple steps when reaching out to new prospects.

Whether it’s your website landing page or long form sales letter, you can secure new leads and customers at a higher rate by employing these easy to follow tactics.

  1. Specific, Specific, Specific

Specify! You need to be a specific as possible. In emails, on your landing page, in your sales letters. I see companies fail to do this nearly every day. You need to make it feel like you’re directly addressing the person.

For example, say you’re a security company that sells CCTV systems. You send an email out to generate new leads with the subject line; “CCTV Systems Available For Businesses”. Average, does what it says on the tin. However, what if you had a subject line that read: “CCTV Systems For Local Clothes Retailers In Kensington”. You have taken the general subject line and focused it into a precision laser cutter that would be hard to resist for clothing retailers in that area.

You’re talking directly to them! If I was a clothing retailer in Kensington and saw the first subject line, I’d probably scroll right past it or even delete it. It’d be hard to resist the second subject line though. I’d be intrigued to learn more.

Another example could be: “How seriously do you take security?”. Turn this into: “Dads in Stockport, how seriously do you take your families security?”.

It’s more personal. It talks directly to them. People don’t like to guess; they like to know exactly what’s going on.

Not only that, it makes you stand out from the competition too. You can position your company much better by zoning in with ultra-specific messages. You and your rivals could offer the exact same service but if you position yourself better, you’ll win every time:

Security Experts vs CCTV System Experts For High Street Retailers.

Who would Selfridges hire to update their CCTV system?


  1. Sell Benefits Not Features

Now I’m not saying features aren’t important. But people don’t really care about your product or service. Sorry folks it’s true. I’ll tell you what people care about though. What your product or service can do for them.

Body Builders don’t care about the new, state of the art machines you’ve put in your gym. They care if the machines will make their muscles bigger.

The business man buying his brand new, flaming red Ferrari doesn’t care about the new carbon fibre dashboard. He cares that his neighbours will be jealous and that pretty French models will turn their heads to look at him.

It is incredibly common (and boring) when products just list their features off. I recently seen it on an Amazon Best Seller, a Waist Trainer for women. It was listing off what materials were used in the sales copy. But do women want to hear about what a waist trainer is made of? Or do they want to hear how by using this waist trainer, you’ll have a delicious hour glass figure and look smoking hot in a bikini.

Focus on your benefits and results. People are selfish. They only care what you can do for them. Take this on board and improve your results. Guaranteed.


  1. Call To Action

Act Now! That’s what you want with direct response. You don’t want to wait for action. This hardly ever happens. Human inertia is a powerful thing. You want people to contact you as soon as they’ve read whatever material you’ve put in front of them. Either by directly ordering the product or phoning to enquire about a service.

The best ways to achieve this is by creating a sense of urgency or scarcity.

“50% off for the first 30 orders!”

“70% off sale ends in 24 hours!”

“5 Left In Stock, Act Quick!”

You get the gist.

People hate missing out. People love value and saving money. People don’t want to wait a long time for another similar offer.

However, stick to your promises. Don’t lie. If you have a sale for 24 hours, make sure the sale ends after 24 hours. It isn’t worth you losing your long term customers respect and trust because you created fake hype about a sale.

I’d also recommend picking scarcity or urgency. Don’t create a weird hybrid of the two as it gets confusing. They are a great weapon to use when you make a lot of sales but use them too much and they’ll start to lose their power.

Follow these 3 ways and you will see an improvement. Guaranteed.

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