3 Ways To Make Your Copy Look Like It’s On Steroids

Everyone wants their copy to be as strong and as powerful as possible. You want to persuade people to part with their hard-earned cash and Copywriting is one of the best ways of doing that. Like professional athletes, you want to have an edge. Any advantage you can take. Only in the Copywriting arena it isn’t illegal or frowned upon.

Copy is assembled from the ground up. Think of it like creating a character in a video game. You can pick the appearance, traits and stats. Now I don’t know about you, but I rarely build a weak, dull and boring character. Everyone wants to be strong, good looking and exciting.

In this article I am going to tell you how to make your copy looks like its on steroids. If your copy could come to life and morph into a human, it would look like He-Man or Wonder Woman. Everybody wants to be He-man or Wonder Woman.


  1. Visual Adjectives

When describing your product or service, you want your prospect to vividly picture it in their minds. You don’t want to just tell them you sell ice cream. You want to tell them you sell fresh, thick and creamy strawberry ice cream.

You’re not just selling a diamond ring. You’re selling an ice white, expertly cut, sparkling diamond ring.

You want to stand out from competitors and by firmly planting images in your prospects mind you are miles ahead of them.

Visual adjectives create a romance around a product or service. You can really create a vision or story by deploying these powerful words in your copy. By using specific language, you can’t help but visualise the words you are reading.

Remember, the first place people use your products and services are in their own mind. Help them by using specific, visual adjectives.


  1. Bring Words to Life

Now you’re using electrifying visual adjectives to really describe your product and service, what you need to do know is breathe life into them. Arouse your prospects senses. Appeal to the visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, olfactory and gustatory. In other words, sight, smell, touch, smell and taste.

Make your prospect live your product or service. Program their mind and fill it with a vision that you have created.  Elevate your benefits to new heights or darken your prospects worst fears with emotive, descriptive and sensory language. Make them think deeply. Take a hazy and out of focus image and sharpen it to 1080p in their brains.

Take all the guessing out of the equation. Make your copy so clear, so vivid, the product is alive and being used in the prospects mind. This creates desire and in turn more sales.

The more words and time you have with your prospect, the more powerful this is. Keep them hooked and fill their mind with laser focused imagery and you are onto a winner.


  1. Unique Selling Position

No two companies are the same. There is nothing out there completely identical. You must stand out from the competition. Stand up and distinguish yourself in your field. Get out there and tell the world why your product or service is the best!

Make sure your product or service is top notch and don’t pull any punches or be modest. Scream and shout from the roof tops why you are number one. People want to be sold on why they should choose you.

Cultivate your image to what you want to be seen as. Describe what makes you and your company unique. Study your competition. See what they have in common or do differently and use this information to your advantage. The worst thing you can do is be a wallflower and blend into the background.


Bring it to life. Direct the mental movies in your prospects heads and see the difference.

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