Laying the Foundations

Assembling nuclear copy that converts isn’t just plucked out the air. It is carefully built and like a house it needs foundation’s, or it’ll come crashing down.

Most Copywriters fail at the very first step.

They immediately dive in to selling a product and list off its features and benefits.

Unless you’re trying to sell your services as a sleep aid, then this isn’t the way to go.

The foundation of excellent copy is in the market research.  The down and dirty stuff. Slogging through online materials for the target market. Really getting inside the heads of your audience. You want to live and breathe as they do. Feel their fears, their hopes, their dreams. You want to know what keeps them ticking. The only way to do this is to fully immerse yourself in their world. Visit their forums, Facebook groups, blogs etc. Build a customer avatar. Give them a name and photograph. Sell to this person directly, make them feel like you’re their best friend offering the solution to their woes. If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one in this game.

You must be like Detective Colombo. Showing up at all their hang outs. Asking annoying questions. Writing reels of notes on what you discover and distilling it down into critical pain points.

How can you even resonate with your target if you don’t know what their problems are? Well, you can’t. Yet I see it time and time again with pathetic marketing promotions.

To be unique and have the killer offer, there is no way around it, you must get into the trenches and do the grunt work. Otherwise you’re cursing your client with another mediocre promotion. Or just offering the same products and services as the other 500 competitors. Either way, it’s just poor effort and poor effort equals poor returns.

Most Copywriters just start swinging their pen around like a big old battle axe. It scares prospects away and chops up your profits in the process. But with the right market research, a good copywriters pen is like a needle, stitching together information piece by piece until it is a beautiful money-making tapestry.

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