Human Inertia: The Great Enemy

Getting people to act is hard. People don’t like work. Like the great Isaac Newton said, objects at rest tend to remain at rest and this is no different for human beings.

This dark force is the bane of salespeople and marketers alike.

Even at the very beginning of the sales process, unless you’re generating enough interest, prospects are going to pass you by. Imagine, you’re waiting at a bus stop and your bus just drives straight past you. Only this time, the bus is full of money with your name on it. You’d probably feel angry you didn’t flag it down. It is the same with marketing, you need to grab attention or bus loads of money are going to keep driving right on past.

But how do we do battle with the dark lord of Inertia?

Well, some of the most effective weapons in our arsenal are curiosity and contrast.

By stimulating the grey matter of your new potential customer or client, you have dealt a deadly blow to the force of human inertia.

Humans are curious creatures. It’s like when two people are whispering and looking at you. We just have to scratch the itch in our brains and find out what is going on. If you don’t it plagues your mind all day!

For example, if you’re selling a weight loss supplement:

“Discover how to lose weight fast!”

Can become the supercharged, brain itch causing:

“Find out how one little pill can melt body fat like no tomorrow!”

Your brain, being a curious little fellow, just can’t stop itself asking questions.

“What is this pill?”

“Can it really melt body fat?”

The prospects brain now just has to know if this pill can really melt body fat like no tomorrow. They are now much more likely to investigate and you are much more likely to get the sale.

Another deadly weapon in the war against human inertia is contrast. By tying two completely unrelated concepts together, it sparks off a wave of interest and curiosity. You can even super charge this method by throwing in some exotic phrasing:

“How an ancient Japanese scroll unlocked the secrets to a cleaner home.”

“Using techniques from NASA astronauts, find out we use their methods to keep your workplace sterile.”

You know you just have to find out more when you read these. How the hell can an ancient Japanese scroll unlock secrets to a cleaner home? What are these methods that NASA astronauts use?

These are incredibly effective ways in order to inspire some action from your prospects. Instead of them scrolling mindlessly through the internet you’ve stopped them dead in their tracks. You’ve triggered the itch in their brains to know more. They click the ad.

Now you’ve got your prospect where you want them to be. You now can let rip with the body copy. List the benefits of your product or service and why it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

But just as you thought you’ve defeated the great foe of inertia, like the hydra it can rear its ugly head again if your website is not easy to use!

You need to hold your prospects hand through the whole process. Remember, people don’t like to do work. They don’t want to guess. They don’t want to have to click through 5 or 6 different pages to be able to order.

Just by doing the following:

  • Asking for Action – Tell them exactly what you want them to do.
  • Accepting as many forms of payment as possible.
  • Offering as many shipping options as possible.
  • Gift Wrapping Services.
  • Payment Plans.
  • Strong and Long Guarantees.

You will be making your website and company an inertia killing machine.

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