Big Ideas

Like the great Ogilvy says; “Unless your advertising has a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.”

Along with procrastination, not having a big enough idea is the silent killer of sales. You condemn your copy to the grey sludge of the competition if you don’t stand out with a big idea.

Sure, you can sell a product or service. You’ll get some conversions and make some chump change. But that’s not why you hire a copywriter. You want to hit home runs. You want the 40 yard screamers that make you the big bucks.

You do this with big ideas.

But what is a big idea? A big idea is important, exciting and beneficial. A big idea latches on to your brain like the kraken latches onto a fishing vessel. It is memorable and won’t let you go. It troubles you. It keeps you awake at night wondering what the hell it could be.

It must be exciting in this age of 24/7 information. People are drowning in information and data and unless you want your advertising to fall flat on its face, you must excite people. You want people to stop dead in their tracks when they are clicking through web pages or scrolling through their feed.

It must be important. You must talk to the emotions of your prospects and make them care. If they don’t care, they won’t be sending their money to you.

It must have benefits. People are selfish. What does it do me? You must answer this question. Your big idea must do something for them.

Big ideas pique your curiosity, they fire your neurons up, you must know more. Your human biology DEMANDS to know.

An example for financial coaching could be:

“Money Making Secrets Of The Knights Templar. How An Order Of Knights Became An Economic Power House In Europe.”


“The Secret Currency Of Japan: How Japans Richest Families Make Money Even When Stocks, Shares And Real Estate Lose Value.”

You read these and think WTF? What are these secrets? How can I use these to make money?

99% of the sales material you consume will go in one ear and out the other. But it’s hard to forget a big idea.

You want to cause that itch in the brain that just won’t go away. Sure, people might keep scrolling, but the itch will remain for weeks or months after. Every time they are confronted with their problem, your big idea will pop into their heads. They will simply have to scratch the itch and buy.


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