Targeting Like A Pro

I thought I’d do a whole post on this as it just hit me how important it actually is after I finished editing my little story about the kid.

More often than not, companies do an ass backwards approach to selling. They’ll get some smart guys together to come up with some crazy new product or service, then go to town with the marketing. Without actually checking if people want what their selling.

Pretty mad right?

Some companies will burn through stacks of investors cash like a crackhead who has just won the lottery to invent something brand spanking new. Just for it to flop. Flop hard.

Or get such a poor ROI they’ll wonder why they bothered. Sad.

Well my friends, the proper way to go about this (in my basic bitch opinion), is to begin with a market of people. Yep, begin with a market with BIG problems.

Then you go a step further and dig a little deeper like a mad ferret burrowing for rabbits. You go into a sub-market of the market with BIG problems.

Then burrow a little further into a niche market.

Then just a little further until you have a specific target in your cross hairs.

When you have this specific target nailed to the wall, then you can start to investigate what really makes them tick. Because you’re being so specific, your marketing will sound like its speaking directly to them. Simply irresistible!

But the target has to be super specific. I’m not talking men who want muscles or cat lovers.

I’m talking: 38-year-old man, who is a partner in a law firm, with 3 kids, who wants to invest in real estate.

Or 24-year-old, male and single, Taxi Driver who is looking to escape his day job and make money online.

That’s how specific you have to be. Like your granddaddy at Christmas dinner trimming the turkey with surgical precision, you’ve got to zone in on the bits of meat you’re serving (probably best not to refer to your prospects as bits of meat in your marketing though.)


Market Sophistication

No, I’m not saying some markets like binge watching Jersey Shore in their underwear and some like listening to Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto’s while eating Foie Gras. But there are different levels of sophistication to markets.

Thanks to the Great Gene Schwartz (a true legend), he comes up with this idea of overcoming market oversight by determining what level of sophistication your market is in. Allowing you to be like Floyd Mayweather and open some angles to knock out the prospect with your amazing copy.


Stage 1 – Pristine, Azure Blue Sea

You’re the only one here. You’ve stumbled across uncharted territory. You look around and there is nothing but deep blue sea. It’s just you floating around. All the targets in this territory have never even heard a sales pitch or seen an advertisement to do with your product or service.

All you have to do is simply tell people what you do. “Yes, we have developed robotic bats that shoot flames out of their eyes.”

Shut up and take my money.

Your genius and innovation have won you the market. Nobody else is here yet.

This is also the smallest market sophistication group. Hardly anyone is here due to the crazy levels of brainpower needed to be this creative.


Stage 2 – Ships on the Horizon

Uh oh, what the hell are those ships doing, coming into our comfy and beautiful azure blue paradise!? These guys have caught up and are selling robotic flame shooting bats too!? God damn it.

This is where you have to out muscle your competitors. You must show why you’re the best at developing robotic flame bats.

“Yeah well, OUR flame bats can melt diamonds, whereas those crappy ones can just about light a birthday candle!”

It’s all about being bigger, better, faster, stronger.


Stage 3 – This place is more crowded than a Shanghai swimming pool

A whole armada has moved into your blue paradise now. You can’t move for ships and sails. Everyone is firing their cannons. It is pure chaos. Cannon ball after cannon ball. The market is sick to death of the same old balls flying around.

This is where you can’t just keep firing your cannons off making claim after claim. You’ve got to get smart now and pivot towards features. Start backing your claims up with some juicy evidence.

“But our flame bats, due to the napalm fuel jets in their eyes, are much more effective at torching your enemies until there is nothing left, as it burns at 1200⁰C. Spicy!”

Basically, you’re backing yourself up. People are jaded and want to see results and evidence.

This is where most online markets are such as the big 3, health, wealth and relationships.


Stage 4 – The Black Pearl vs The Flying Dutchman

The battle rages on in the once pristine blue ocean and two behemoth ships have turned their massive cannons on each other.

Two major competitors normally emerge and blast the living hell out of each other’s hulls.

These guys eat up the majority of the market share and go to town in trying to position their product are the only choice.

Think Apple vs Samsung, Playstation vs Xbox, Coke vs Pepsi.

The mechanism reigns supreme. How is your mechanism unique and different to the competitors? Highlight your features and mechanism to crush your competition.

“Our blue flame shooting napalm bats, use Liquijet™ cartridges, this means you have more burn for your buck. The green flame flying squirrels still use dated gas and fire to have a mediocre temperature, there’s only one choice when it comes to your incendiary needs.”


Stage 5 – Ship Graveyard

Everyone’s had enough. They don’t care anymore. Mass mutiny on the ships. Desertions everywhere. Derelict hulls litter the once pristine blue ocean.

Nobody is buying into the claims, research or mechanisms anymore. No matter how many times you fire a cannon, it will fall on deaf ears, the prospects have lost all hope and are cursed to wonder the seas.

Until someone ditches the old, tired wooden ship and rebrands with a brand-new sleek racing boat.

This is when you have to tap into emotions. Build your identity. Get a cult following. Promote your exclusivity. Associate your brand with a certain movement or group.

“GarGhoul FlameBat™, For The Real Arsonists”. (picture of scantily clad men and women, on a beach, remote controlling bats with flames shooting out of their eyes.)

You’re just maintaining your brand at this point. Gone are the sales letters. The cult is there. You’re profiting of emotions and making people feel a certain way. You’re selling the lifestyle.


Gene Schwartz was a real genius. To come up with this stuff and then know how to sell at each stage is just legendary. Thank you Gene.

Anyway, if you want me to take aim and fire on your behalf then don’t hesitate to contact me through this site. I might not be able to develop flame shooting bats just yet but I can probably multiply your sales.


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