Be Like Venom

As a kid I always liked the villains. There was just something about how cool they looked. Not only that, but they had a goal, were driven and knew how to get it. I thought most ‘heroes’ were a bit soft. Apart from Batman but he’s a bit darker.

Anyway, as a young whippersnapper I was obsessed with Venom. You know that wild looking dude with the tongue and cool eyes? He was my fave. I had loads of action figures and used to love drawing him. He also used to beat that geek Spiderman’s ass as a bonus.

I saw an ad for that new Venom movie coming up and it got me thinking…

Us marketers and copywriters can learn a lot about this symbiotic alien from outer space.

How? Well his entire existence is like a blueprint for writing good copy.

Symbiotic With Your Market

Basically, the Venom symbiote is an alien that found its way to Earth. Can’t remember how but it got here anyway. These aliens basically attach to their host and enhance them in crazy ways. I’m talking super strength, speed, agility etc. Cool.

The key thing I take away here is that symbiote and human work together. The human is the frame and the symbiote the enhancer.

As a copywriter or marketer, you’re looking to enhance sales. You must latch on to your market. You need to create a symbiotic relationship. You both should benefit from the relationship. They pay you and you solve their problems. A fair deal if you ask me.

The difference between a symbiote and a parasite is that the symbiote provides benefits whereas a parasite just takes. If you’re peddling lies and snake-oil, then you’re a parasite. Be like Venom and not a tapeworm.


Unique Alien Goo

Venom is one of a kind. He’s some weird black alien goo from outer space. Pretty unique if you ask me. I doubt you’ve seen anything like it. Unless you’ve taken 5 tabs of LSD next to a big barrel of BBQ sauce.

As a copywriter, you need to dig out the unique mechanisms and features of your product. In other words when some reads about your product, they need to feel like they’ve just stumbled across some unique alien goo that is the answer to their problems. Well, I guess this will work until someone develops magic alien goo that’ll solve everything.


Mind Feeding

This sounds quite sinister and I guess it is. Unfortunately, it isn’t all give, give, give with our pal Venom. He likes to feed on emotions. Even if he does enhance you, he wants something in return.

So, he gets inside your mind and has a bit of a munch on your feelings.

As a copywriter, you’re kind of like a dealer of emotions. Your primary task is to make people feel a certain type of way. Whether that is through negative or positive emotions, you need to get your prospect to feel something.

If you manage that, you can then do a Venom and start to feed of this in the form of more conversions or sales.


Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse

If Venom slithered into your room and offered you seriously enhanced abilities, you’d probably accept. It’s an offer you can’t refuse. The benefits are that good, you just can’t reject this offer. Even Spiderman couldn’t turn the deal down, unlimited webbing? Yes please!

Another critical part of copywriting and selling in general is having the killer offer. If you don’t have one, then its time to make one. You need to create the offer that is so juicy, even our geeky goody two shoes pal Spiderman can’t say no to it.

Obviously, don’t just give your stuff away, but slap on as many benefits as you can for someone who wants to buy from you.


Hold On For Dear Life

Once Venom had a hold of you, he was reluctant to let go. He got very comfy, very quickly. No matter how much you try to shake him off, he’d be stuck to you like glue. He just loves cuddles that much (Cute).

This goes for your customers too. It costs far more to gain a new customer than it does to retain existing ones. Instead of after one purchase you waving farewell, why not follow up with email or text?

Stay in your customers minds. Send them exclusive offers and value directly into their inbox. Build a relationship with your customers and become a company they love and trust. Directly enhance their lives and you could have a customer forever and ever. The greatest love story ever told.


Who would of thought Venom could have shown us how to write copy and market effectively? It’s motivated me to buy a black morph suit to wear as my uniform when crafting killer copy. Whether it helps with me conversion rate or not I’ll have to let you know. It could be the new trend. Just remember to channel your inner Venom when selling and I guarantee you’ll improve.


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