Avoid The Snake Of Irrelevance

When I was about 14, I was lucky enough to visit Arizona, Utah and Nevada on a school trip. It honestly was the best trip I’ve ever been on and I’ve been in love with the U.S ever since.

There is just something about deserts, dairy queen and freedom I’m attracted too.

I got the chance to go down the Colorado River in a boat and fly over the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. The word spectacular does it no justice. You felt like God himself was staring into your soul. No wonder people end up tearing up at such natural beauty. It sounds dramatic but honestly it really is special.

But my favourite place was somewhere called Bryce Canyon. It’s full of rocky spires called ‘Hoodoos’ and has jaw dropping natural arches from erosion. It even has a unique hoodoo called Thor’s Hammer (in the featured image) which looks exactly like its name.

If you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend travelling to this part of the world. You won’t regret it, just remember to drink plenty of water.

Anyway, these land forms got me thinking about vertical markets. (Oh, how fun I am at parties.)

A Canyon is basically a big gorge. It is cut deep and steep into the earth by a river. This would be like a vertical market. Targeting a specific niche or industry with a service or product. Historically pretty hard to do because you had to find and reach a relatively small number of people.

However, the internet changed everything.

The internet is the ultimate vessel of vertical marketing. It allows you to zoom in on the smallest niche imaginable and reach them with ridiculous ease. You can target male middle-aged bank managers with 3 kids who enjoy smoking cigars. It’ll resonate with enough people who fit that criteria to make you serious money.

Instead of trying to reach everyone and thus speaking to no one, you can really target the people you want to help and make it sound like you’re talking directly to them by creating a customer avatar. Once you’ve got the avatar, you can start to build a picture and talk directly to them. It’s magical.

You can tailor all your products and services to these individuals to such an extent, your prospects literally must buy and you’re smiling all the way to bank. In fact, you’ll be smiling so much your cheeks will go numb.

Remember if you’re getting in on this internet selling shizzle, go deep into the mineral rich earth and mine out the gold. Don’t go wide into the deserts of nowhere and get bitten by the snake of irrelevance. It’s expensive and painful.


If you need a deep sea diver to submerge themselves in a starving niche market and dig out the treasure with a killer promotion or idea, fill out the form on this site or email me direct at cemery92@gmail.com

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