The Mayweather Method And The Old Zen Master

I picture the white hot beams of the spot lights on my skin, I imagine the scent of adrenaline and sweat filling my nose and the cheering of the blood thirsty crowd deafening my ears.

I feel the bone-crushing weight of expectation on my shoulders like I am Atlas himself. I picture all my friends and family in the front rows of the crowd all gazing up at me in hope and fear. I feel the rubbery gum shield gripping my teeth and the deep furrowing of my brow when me and my opponent are staring into the whites of each other’s eyes…

Failure isn’t an option. The diamond crushing pressure is a blessing. All that stands between me and the W is the meat bag in front of me.

I know they can’t land a glove because I have prepared and trained harder. I’ve been down in the trenches in the rain, mud and blood. I can feel the energy of Olympus radiating through my veins and out through my eyes in a rainbow beam of pure light.

Pretty dramatic huh?

I do this if I get stumped creatively. Sometimes your brain splutters and chugs to a stop like an old Chevy on a desert road. The cogs grind to a halt, the little men in your brain go on strike and there’s no secret police to beat them back into line.

I call this my Floyd Mayweather Method of getting those neurons back sparking and firing again. By slowly building up the vivid picture of me in the ring as the greatest of all time, it forces the grey goo in my head to stop kicking back on the beach and get back to work. I’m not sure why it works but it always breaks down the barriers of a writing block.

There’s also another method that is just as, if not more effective, used by the master Eugene Schwartz himself.

He uses an ancient Zen master technique to free his mind and overcome any blocks he might have.

All he did was set a timer to 33:33, stare at his blank document and all he could do in that time was work on the copy in front of him. Nothing else. Once the timer was up, then he could leave the table.

I can genuinely say this absolutely works 100%.

I have no idea why.

Maybe it’s the supernatural power of the number 33. The ‘Master Teacher’ number which lets you tap into the creativity and brilliance of the universe and let its energy flow through you like you’re the chosen one.

Or maybe it’s all mumbo-jumbo and it just subconsciously takes the pressure off you to perform. Kind of like an understanding wife when you’re 70 and can’t get it up anymore. Either way, the method is a neat little trick if you ever get stuck for content.

Give it a go next time you ever ‘white out’ when you want to create something. It might just surprise you.


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