Joey Tribbiani’s Secret Sauce

How you doin’?

Are you ready to learn the top secret recipe for the delicious chocolate sauce to drizzle lovingly over your sales copy?

You know, it’s actually Stickle Brick simple, even Joey Tribbiani can understand it and we all know he’s not the quickest cockroach in the kitchen…

I see companies make this critical mistake again and again, especially you lads and ladies over in the Tech sector. I’ve had emails from tech companies promoting their software or app and sweet baby Jesus, it’s barely readable.

I’d have more luck deciphering stone tablets written in Cuneiform.

Now, I’ve no doubt you Tech maestros are a very smart bunch, I have absolutely no clue about coding wizardry or computer voodoo, it goes straight over my head…

….But your emails sound like you’re talking to Wall-E, not another human being!

I feel like I’d need to hire Optimus Prime as a translator and I don’t think he comes cheap.

You could have an awesome product or service but if your communication is stiff and mechanical or uses brain scrambling jargon, then you’ve lost people before you’ve even begun. You might know what a Blackhat, Chipset, Petabyte storing electro-flaggowatt is, but I’m afraid the rest of us Joeys don’t.

It’s terms and conditions level boring too.

People have to wade through enough formal language in their corporate jobs from the Nazis in HR, the last thing they want is to face another firing squad of boredom in their downtime.

So, the secret to the rich chocolate sauce to success when writing to engage and enrage, raise hell and sell….

(Intense tribal drums in the distance…)

Is write how you speak!

That’s it!  Like I said, stupid simple.

I like to picture Joey from Friends talking to his friends in Central Perk about a new product or service, in Joeys case probably a meatball sub.

Easy going, friendly, simple and entertaining.

Now I’m not saying to go watch all ten seasons of Friends and rip all of Joey’s dialogue and become a clone of him in your communication. But just take on his casual and informal tone and write how you’d speak to your friends at a bar or café.

You’ll be much more likely to relate to your prospect in a conversational tone, it doesn’t matter whether you’re selling toothbrushes or high-ticket financial mastermind seminars.

My first post on here about Donald Trump winning the presidency shows just how powerful this is: Simple is always winning.

As tempted as you are to flash your jargon or write like an old Victorian bank teller, drizzle some of the Joey Tribbiani secret sauce and read your copy out loud, tell me you don’t convert at a much higher rate.

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