The Xenomorph Fear Factor

Elongated, armoured skulls. Acidic blood. Ink black carapace and parasitic reproduction method. The Xenomorph truly is one of the most horrifying creatures to ever come out of Hollywood.

Hell, it’s one of the most horrifying creatures in mythology ever, let alone out of a Hollywood studio.

Horror films never really were my thing, but these things just unnerved me at a primal level. Maybe it’s their snake like appearance. snakes used to terror us back when we lived in trees and caves.

When weighing up threats, we all ask a couple of questions:

They’re the fundamentals of:  Can I kill it? Can it kill me?

Then research shows how there’s another two questions we ask:

  1. How likely is it to hurt me?
  2. How bad will it hurt?

Well, with a Xenomorph pretty damn likely and pretty damn badly. Then after it’s murdered you brutally, use your body as a host for its little evil babies. Double whammy.

But say for example you’re about to visit a planet with a local Xeno population (you’re brave), are you going to take steps to protect yourself?

Imagine you’re an arms vendor specialising in Xeno-Extermination. Obviously, you’ll build up the picture of the big, bad monster (not exactly hard) but the key is to not make the threat into something the prospect feels like they can’t do anything about.

This is called Efficacy. Or the ‘ability to produce a desired result.

If the prospect feels they can’t do anything about the threat, then why would they buy anything to help them? It’d be pointless. You know when you just think “Oh well, nothing I can do about that is there?” That’s a killed sale. You need to position your product as the answer and not lay the fears on so thick that people think they can’t solve it.

Fortunately Xenomorphs aren’t a real threat yet but what are some other fears copywriters can use to boost their conversions?

  • FOMO. Fear of missing out is a huge one. This ties into scarcity and urgency, people hate to miss on a great offer or deal. Or maybe their neighbours have just got something new and they want to keep up.
  • Appearance. People are often very insecure about how they look.
  • Danger to loved ones. People want to protect their family.
  • Pain. People don’t want to be in discomfort, either physical or mental.
  • Loneliness. People don’t want to be alone or not have a romantic partner.

All of these can be poked and prodded to drive your prospect into your arms if you’ve positioned your product well. It could be diet pills for insecure obese people, spy cameras for parents who hire babysitters or new kitchens for people competing with their neighbours.

It all ties in to the Life Force 8 once again.

Humans cannot escape those innate desires, so by stoking any fear to do with those, you’ll be tapping into primal urges and fears. Much like a Xenomorph does by being a horrifying predator. People spend big money to sleep better at night….



P.S If you’d like to hire a copywriter with a pet Xenomorph (by Xenomorph I mean Cat) to spray acidic blood all over your prospects (by acidic blood I mean words) and stalk them til they buy (by stalk I mean market research), then contact me through this site or email me at

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