World Of Warcraft Mind Hacking

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the online game World of Warcraft (WoW for short), but that game was literally like crack to me growing up.

I saw that first cinematic advert and knew that I just had to have it. It had an Elf morphing into a giant cat, a Dwarf with a pet bear and a huge, green Orc swinging a club around violently. Fantasy stuff always got my spine tingling.

I remember being about 13 and it was sold out everywhere, I had to get my Nan and Granddad to drive me all over the North West, from Bolton to Bury to try and get me a copy of this crack in a case.

Eventually, after phoning around multiple stores, one had it in stock and the rest is history. I’d be an addict for around 10 years living a large portion of my teenage life in the land of Azeroth as an Orc warrior.

A couple of my friends from school became fellow junkies and to be fair, we had an awesome time together.

However, as I’m an all or nothing kind of guy, I pushed everything else to the side to level up and get the best gear. My Orc wanted the Gucci and Louie V of the game and I would stop at nothing to deck him out in it.

I wanted to stunt on my friends and show off. Keeping up with the jones’ is a powerful motivator.

To get these ‘epic’ pieces of gear, you had to run dungeons and raids, basically places where tough baddies and bosses hung out. You had to rally up a group from 5 to 30 of your fellow adventurers then go to town on them hoping they’d drop some bad ass weapon or armour your character could use.

As you can imagine, the developer of WoW, Blizzard, aren’t stupid and created these to be a mahoosive time sink to keep you reliant on their crack. Like any good drug dealer, they wanted to keep you hooked.

Kitting your hero out in full epic gear was a mammoth task and needed serious dedication. I’m talking playing WoW as if it was your career. It wasn’t unusual for people to do marathon sessions of up to 18 hours or more, especially at weekends. The addiction was real.

Have you ever seen crack heads do crazy super human feats? I’ve seen videos of them lighting cigarettes with their hands and getting hit by trucks and walking away. I’ve seen WoW players not sleep for days on end, in fact I think one poor guy in China kicked the bucket on his quest for better gear from forgetting to eat and drink (RIP Soldier).

Not only was it a grind to get the gear and progress, you could also pick herbs and mine ore to craft potions and blacksmith weapons. So, in the downtime between raids, you could gather materials to make in game gold. There was always something to be doing.

I threw myself into this thriving community and economy.

I wanted to be filthy rich and I wanted the best trinkets. I was willing to grind my life away to go and get it.

Back then, WoW was life.

Obviously, the penny dropped as I started to get older. WoW wasn’t real life. It wasn’t going to help me in meat space. I couldn’t live my life through a little green avatar no matter how much I enjoyed smoking the crack Blizzard had sold me.

But it did teach me one thing….

It taught me a relentless grind mentality.

Now when I set my mind on a task, I can tune out all distractions and pursue it ruthlessly.

People don’t realise grinding out a task, especially a long project, is successful from the blood and guts, down and dirty grunt work that nobody sees. It the hours of wading through forums for market research, it’s the hours spent shooting a ball when everyone else is Netflixing, it’s the pain staking hours of editing and planning.

The stuff the average person doesn’t want to do.

Most people only see the finished article and think its just luck or god given talent that somebodies in that position. I wish it was that simple.

Other players saw the purple gear you were wearing and thought you just lucked out. Not the hours spent memorizing patterns or studying videos of the bosses. They didn’t realise they’d just cast a spell of mediocrity over themselves with that toxic mindset.

If you can apply the World Of Warcraft grind mentality in the greatest game of all, Real Life, then you’ll be aeons ahead of your competition. You’ll be plodding forward and smashing down obstacles while they’re dilly dallying around blaming bad luck on why they’re average.

You’ll have a clear goal and objective while they’re at the drawing board, scratching their heads and procrastinating.

Relentless action in the right direction over a long enough timeline will get you the results you want. I’ve bare begun my journey but applying this has already seen me start to reap some rewards. There’s no reason you can’t too.

Be the Orc Warrior, stop at nothing.




P.S.  If you don’t have time to spend 10 years in the crucible of WoW to hack your mind, don’t fear, you can rent my battle-hardened brain. I’ll forge your limp spaghetti content into a bone crushing juggernaut in no time at all.

As always, contact me through this site or email me at

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