Sticky Toffee Volcanoes

Nevado Del Ruiz, Tambora, Krakatoa, St Helens, Pinatubo, Vesuvius and Etna.

All powerful reminders of the coiled might of Mother Nature.

These Composite or ‘Stratovolcanoes’ are the hell fire spewing, pyroclastic flow chucking, lava bomb lobbing, Lahar vomiting death vents that emerge at destructive plate boundaries in the egg shell crust of our planet Earth.

Unlike their more gentle and rounder cousin, the shield volcano, these bad boys go off violently and angrily. They sadly scorch everything in their path in a wave of hot rock, ash and fire.

Luckily, not without warning though, there’s usually loads of tell tale signs that one of these is gonna blow spectacularly.

Excess gas and heat will start to rush out of the caldera, and small seismic shocks will shake the ground from magma moving. You might also see the volcano start to swell up and change shape like a dragon has made its home in there.

Thankfully, these happen months and weeks in advance giving anyone who lives near one of these leviathans plenty of notice to get the hell out of there (some people are too stubborn and get fried).

Naturally, this all got me thinking about the classic format for writing direct response copy:

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


And how it’s like a Sticky Toffee Volcano.

Instead of people running away from hell fire and brimstone, they’re running towards toffee goodness instead.

Like a stratovolcano, you need to draw some attention to yourself. You need to start heating up and billowing sweet smelling smoke out to draw people in. You need eyes on your promotion, else your sweet, sticky insides are going to go to waste.

Then once you’ve got their attention, you need to generate some interest. Start rumbling, give some tasty seismic tremors to hook people in, be unique and dynamic, talk about things others don’t or offer some news and education.

Then you can really go to town on building desire. Get some of that sticky toffee magma running through your copy, make your prospect salivate and drool over what you’re selling. Swell that magma chamber with an offer too good to turn down, build more tension than a drunk BNP voter at Notting Hill carnival.

Then when the time is right, and your prospect is just about ready to boot down your door….

Erupt in a spectacular sticky toffee filled, thick chocolatey bonanza and tell your prospect exactly what you want them to do next. Whether that’s directly order or give details.

God, I’m hungry after writing that.

Treat your copy like a sticky toffee volcano and you’ll never be stuck in the mud again.





P.S I’ve got the best recipe for sticky toffee around. It’s very hush hush, so can’t talk about it here. Contact me through this site or email me at if you want the secret formula.

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