Terminal Pox Viruses

The latest tabloid fear mongering campaign in the U.K comes in the form of the dreaded Monkeypox virus. Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either until I was buying crispy beef from the Chinese and decided to pick up The Sun newspaper.

Nothing like some light biohazard reading before any delicious meal.

Now I don’t know if you know much about Pox Viruses, but take my word for it, they’re nasty.

Look up Smallpox symptoms on Google, you’ll wish you hadn’t. Horrific.

Thankfully this skin bubbling disease is ‘extinct’…..

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Mortal Kombat Marketing (How To ‘Fatality’ Your Competitors)

Iconic imagery, gory and brutal finishers, a cheesy movie franchise and unforgettable characters. The Cult classic fighting game of Mortal Kombat is a creative masterpiece.

I was never any good at the games. It took far too long to commit the combinations to muscle memory. I enjoyed playing it casually though and doing the ‘fatality’ special moves.

Some of these were devilish in design, I can imagine the developers having a right laugh when coming up with these artistic ways of killing.

Watch some of them on YouTube. 18+ only of course.

Well it got me thinking….

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Sticky Toffee Volcanoes

Nevado Del Ruiz, Tambora, Krakatoa, St Helens, Pinatubo, Vesuvius and Etna.

All powerful reminders of the coiled might of Mother Nature.

These Composite or ‘Stratovolcanoes’ are the hell fire spewing, pyroclastic flow chucking, lava bomb lobbing, Lahar vomiting death vents that emerge at destructive plate boundaries in the egg shell crust of our planet Earth.

Unlike their more gentle and rounder cousin, the shield volcano, these bad boys go off violently and angrily. They sadly scorch everything in their path in a wave of hot rock, ash and fire.

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World Of Warcraft Mind Hacking

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the online game World of Warcraft (WoW for short), but that game was literally like crack to me growing up.

I saw that first cinematic advert and knew that I just had to have it. It had an Elf morphing into a giant cat, a Dwarf with a pet bear and a huge, green Orc swinging a club around violently. Fantasy stuff always got my spine tingling.

I remember being about 13 and it was sold out everywhere, I had to get my Nan and Granddad to drive me all over the North West, from Bolton to Bury to try and get me a copy of this crack in a case.

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The Xenomorph Fear Factor

Elongated, armoured skulls. Acidic blood. Ink black carapace and parasitic reproduction method. The Xenomorph truly is one of the most horrifying creatures to ever come out of Hollywood.

Hell, it’s one of the most horrifying creatures in mythology ever, let alone out of a Hollywood studio.

Horror films never really were my thing, but these things just unnerved me at a primal level. Maybe it’s their snake like appearance. snakes used to terror us back when we lived in trees and caves.

When weighing up threats, we all ask a couple of questions:

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The Mayweather Method And The Old Zen Master

I picture the white hot beams of the spot lights on my skin, I imagine the scent of adrenaline and sweat filling my nose and the cheering of the blood thirsty crowd deafening my ears.

I feel the bone-crushing weight of expectation on my shoulders like I am Atlas himself. I picture all my friends and family in the front rows of the crowd all gazing up at me in hope and fear. I feel the rubbery gum shield gripping my teeth and the deep furrowing of my brow when me and my opponent are staring into the whites of each other’s eyes…

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